Thursday, December 1, 2011

X-MAS Advent Calendar DIY - Reusable and easy to make

December 1st, Christmas has officially begun! Yay!

I saw this tea wreath idea by kojo design and instantly loved it. Since there was room for 24 tea bags I thought how great it would be to make an advent calendar. In Germany Christmas is actually on the 24th so there are 24 doors in the advent calendar.

It is a very easy DIY project and if you give it away it is a reusable gift that can be enjoyed every year again!

All you need is this:

1. Designer Paper (One 12x12 and maybe some other coordinating paper scraps)
2. Cardboard (I used a diaper box)
3. Cloth pins
4. Glue
5. Ribbon for hanging
6. Stampin' Up! ink for distressing

1. First you have to use a plate or some other round object to trace the circle. I used an approximately 10 inch plate and a bowl for the inner circle. You have to make sure, that the wreath is wide enough for the cloth pins as you don't want them to stick out from the sides.

2. Trace the circles on your designer paper and then add some little tabs about 1 1/2 inch from the edge of the traced circle. I am sure you can find a different way to do this but this was how I did.

3. Next, cover the clothes pins in the designer paper or card stock you have selected.

I used regular glue instead of hot glue like in the other tutorials. I found that the hot glue made some lumps and just didn't look good.

 I spread it out evenly on the clothes pin.

4. Glue the card board circle to the designer paper.

5. Put dabs of glue on the notches and glue them down.

6. Depending on what kind of a look you are going for you can distress the wreath edges as well as  clothes pins with ink and a sponge.

 7. Space the clothes pins evenly and glue them to the wreath.

8. Attach a ribbon (I glued it to the back of the wreath).

Have a wonderful Advent!


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