Sunday, May 20, 2012

How to create a beautiful Springtime Vignette

This is what I found on the web for the definition of the word vignette:

vi·gnette  (vn-yt)
1. A decorative design placed at the beginning or end of a book or chapter of a book or along the border of a page.
2. An unbordered picture, often a portrait, that shades off into the surrounding color at the edges.
a. A short, usually descriptive literary sketch.
b. A short scene or incident, as from a movie.
tr.v. vi·gnet·ted, vi·gnet·ting, vi·gnettes
1. To soften the edges of (a picture) in vignette style.
2. To describe in a brief way.

[French, from Old French, diminutive of vigne, vine (from the use of vine tendrils in decorative borders); see vine.]

To me, a vignette is a decorative array or grouping of things that should provoke a certain feeling or start a conversation or simply showcase your possessions in a beautiful way.

Before I started blogging and reading about different interior design concepts I have never heard the actual word for what I have done all my life. I just love putting things together so that they look, well, beautiful.

I made this vignette for my friend Claudine. I wanted to make something that was neutral enough to be put anywhere in her house so i chose neutral tones.

By doing that I had to create visual interest by combining things of different textures and sizes.

Here we have a collection of crystal and edged glass bottles as well as an old pickling jar. I added some tags I stamped with green ink. The moss balls are also DIY. Some styrofoam balls and moss + glue gun = awesome!

I found this ceramic unicorn at Goodwill. I thought it added a whimsical touch to the vignette. The key is a bottle opener that was our wedding favor. The books are old books from Value Village. I removed the covers. When you do that make sure you are using old books. New ones are bound with glue and don't have the same effect.




Just have fun with it! 
Display your treasures!


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