Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Boxing Week 2011 - Christmas Decor Haul"

What is the best thing about Christmas being over? To me it is the Christmas decor sale for Boxing Day/ Week. This year I found so many awesome, beautiful and super duper cheap things I will use next year.
Even though I have a very classic holiday style with gold, red and green I thought after seeing all the beautiful light blue decorations from my fellow bloggers I thought I need to get some stuff for next year.

My first buy: Aren't they cute? At the Westend Superstore I found these three little houses.The coolest thing about them is that they have little lights inside so you can turn a switch at the back and the windows light up and blink.

Original price was $9 each - I got them for $2.25 each (75% off)

I got these paper trees to go with the houses.
Original price was $7 (small) and $8 (medium) - i got them for $1.49 and $0.99.

All Christmas tree ornaments were 75% off too, so I got some light blue balls.

At Canadian Tire I got two little polar bear Christmas ornaments. All Christmas ornaments were 50% off! I thought they would go perfectly with my winter houses project for next winter (or this winter as we still have about 3 months of it ahead of us in Edmonton). One bear looks like he is trying to walk on ice (see his little paws all stretched out) - darn cute!!! The other one looks like he is ice-skating.

I thought how cute would it be if I make a winter landscape with these little houses and a little lake in front of it where these two little bears will ice-skate. I will start on it an keep you posted.

Polar bear ornaments - original price was $2 - I payed $1 each!!!

Also at Canadian Tire I found these 5 felt snow flakes. They were a buck each. Can't go wrong with that. I used them for a winter wreath project for our entrance door. I just took some wire and stuck it through the backside of the snowflakes and twisted it around a brach of the wreath that I got at Michael's during their last sale. Easy peasy - DONE.

Walmart had a ton of things on Sale. I got some turquoise Christmas balls that match the ones from Superstore and I got the last turquoise reindeer. It is so glittery. It will look awesome with the light blue and turquoise balls.

Then the best ever ever every, I saw these Christmas tree glass jars at Superstore. Guess how much they were - $2.49 each aaaaaahhhh. I could not believe it. I got three and I will probably fill them with some kind of decorations next Christmas. I can't wait!

Maybe like this...

This year the sales were amazing. It seems everybody tries to get rid of their Christmas stuff and you can get great deals if you have an open mind and an idea or at least a direction you want to go next Christmas.

What have you found on Boxing Day/ Week sale?!!?

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  1. da hast du aber zugeschlagen! glueckwunsch, dein funde sind alle wunderschoen und haetten auch gut in meinen haushalt gepasst :D!

    ich hab nix gekauft! aber naechstes jahr schlag ich zu! :D


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