Monday, April 2, 2012

Gracie`s Room Makeover - Oh hail to thee KIJIJI - Part One

With the spring arriving in our wonderful province I am thinking more and more about the makeovers for our townhouse. With my daughter Gracie`s room I have it all planned out in my head but I want to do it on a budget. I want the room to go from baby to a little girl`s room and I also want her to spend time there. The townhouse bedrooms are small so I have to make the most of the space.
I picked some furniture I saw at IKEA and thought that it would be great because it has the vintage vibe I wanted for the room as well as the airy elements (which will make the room look less crowded)

I chose the RÖNNSKÄR shelving unit from IKEA. I thought it looks really cute and girly and Grace could keep it in her room until she is a teenager. Its lightweight, you can screw it to the wall (for safety) and it makes the room look bigger instantly.

At $50 a piece it isn`t too bad but I wanted to get it cheaper of course. So for the past MONTHS I was scouting Kijiji to find somebody who sold it. On Saturday I couldn't`t believe my eyes when somebody put an ad up for not one but two of these shelves. I was like - SCORE MAN! - The price was great too $40 for both. Distance to pick it up - about 15 minutes.

Ok, so here was my problem. I had absolutely NO budget for this. Yeah, I cried and thought oh well, I guess I`ll have to wait till next month... but then I thought I needed to make it work somehow. The price is just too good!

I figured if I got these shelves I would have the old shelf left in Gracie`s room and I could sell that! So I went on Kijij and searched the WANTED ads. And there was a lady looking for the exact shelf I had. The ad was from March 18th and so I hoped she still needed it. I wrote her an email and YES!!!!!! she would come by after 4 pm to pick it up. DOUBLE SCORE!!!

She wanted to pay $35 for it so all I had to do is call the other person with the shelves and ask if they would move the price down to $35. I was lucky and the guy said it would be ok. So me and my baby went and picked the shelves up. 


So much cuter - don`t you agree.

Best of all it was really for free. Which proves the point that if you want to be thrifty you have to be patient and smart!

So next up is her dresser which is waaaay too big for her little room I saw one on Kijiji and if I sell my snowboard tonight I might get it tomorrow! LOL

See you next time TATA!

Love ya lots,

PS: what is your coolest find on Kijiji???


  1. I found your blog on Kijiji! It's great to be able to follow another DIY fan in my own city!

    One of my favourite finds on Kijiji was also an Ikea piece. I had a white Enetri shelving unit for my living room that I had bought in the As-Is section for $30 (down from $99). A couple of summers ago, I discovered that the same shelf would fit into my home office's closet. It just so happened that someone was selling a grey Enetri unit for $50. More than what I paid for a brand new one, but it was still half of the original price and in great condition. So I know own two of the same unit, and still for less money than the original price of one!

    It took some work getting it into the closet because of the sliding doors, but I still enjoy it!

  2. For a moment, I thought the "Boring bookcase" line in the photo was one of those vinyl wall decals.

    Nice work with the Kijiji finds. I've often heard that Kijiji was started with moms in mind, and you're workin' the heck out of it that way.


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