Monday, January 30, 2012

A truly enchanted time @ Café O' Play!

Cinder Princess, Grace and I at Café O' Play

We got up extra early today because the princesses were coming to Café O'Play. My home away from home, my oasis of peace -  Café O'Play. I was told to be there AT 9, with an exclamation mark. I was told the place would be buzzing and to come early to get a change to have a picture taken with the princesses. We were there when they opened the doors. Everything was well organized (which I appreciate in a place where there is a lot of chaos and commotion). We had to sign in and got a number for the picture taking: # 2 was ours. I just love this place, L-O-V-E with capital letters. Grace and I go there at least once a week when we meet with our German moms group. It is really easy to get to from the Whitemud. Grace can run around, drive in the little cars they have, aaand of course she knows the yummy menu by heart. My little pumpkin... their cake pops are her fave.

Anyways... this day was special. Cinder Princess and the Snow Princess from Enchanted Parties were coming for a special photo shoot and face painting. I thought it would be a great opportunity to get Grace over her fear of fictional characters like Mikey, Goofy, Santa at the mall... you know what I mean.

The princesses were really cute and all the kids were really excited when they arrived on time at 10 am. Grace of course ran away but her curiosity and my bribe with a cake pop seemed to work after about 30 minutes.

I got her to sit with Cinder. The princess painted a heart on Gracie's hands - not the face - I think this would have been too much to ask of Grace.

Grace and Cinder Princess

Grace wasn't sure at first...

but on the way home she was showing her painted hands to me.

Needless to say it was cute. Watching the two princess girls working, I have to say that despite of the number of kids getting on and off their lap, they were really nice and patient. They let us crazy moms take a gazillion pictures and smiled for every snapshot. I can only imagine how nice it would be to have them come to Gracie's birthday. That would be fun!

After about an hour I asked Grace if she would like to sit with Snow - and she did! She even gave her a kiss! - BABY GIRL HAPPY - MOM HAPPY - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

An apple for my baby...

and a kiss for Snow Princess!

Let's just hope that we can do Santa next Christmas!

Three hours of fun for $6 admission fee, a really great latte, delicious banana loaf and scrapbook-worthy pictures. We came home happy and ready for a nap (mom and baby).

 Thank you Café O' Play - Thank you princesses!


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  1. Oh wie suess! Die Prinzessinnen unter sich!!
    Wie schoen, dass deine kleine Prinzessin so viel Spass hatte!


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