Friday, February 24, 2012

Every first Thursday of the Month - It's Goodwill Time!

They are back with 50% off selected items at my local West End Goodwill.

My little vignette in the kitchen

Be still my heart!

Seriously, you can get awesome deals any day of the month but on this special day it gets even better. Normally my budget for a GW shopping spree is about 15-20 bucks but when it's "Super Thrifty Thursday" as I call it... I might even go as high as $25 or even $30 BUT you might not even need that much because it's HALF OFF. My February 2nd adventure cost me $13 and I got some awesome things.

Such as this....

Small apothecary jar
Most of the time I go to Goodwill and just look around and see what catches my eye but on these occasions I really look for the deals.

Like black picture frames... I am always adding to my wall gallery so I will always be needing black picture frames. So I look for them on half off days. I am too cheap to buy them full price!

Dishes are another thing you can look for. Especially holiday dishes that you won't use all year round. Christmas, Halloween, Easter... you know you don't want to spend a lot of money on stuff you use for about one or two days in a year.

And then there are these things that you wouldn't buy full price but because they are half off (and kinda cute) you just buy it anyways and hope you will reuse or repaint or do SOMETHING with it in the future...

This little beach scene isn't for everyone but I think it is lovely and once I have stained the wood darker I can hang it with my other pictures.

I can't wait for next Thursday!

Tell me about your bargains you found this week!

Happy Thrifting!


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  1. Die Sachen sind toll! Vielleicht komm ich naechsten Donnerstag mit Dir :D!


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