Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Welcome to my spring time crafting project!

Spring has sprung except for the occasional freak snowstorm we get here in central Alberta. The Canadian Geese have returned and you can hear the birds chirping... so yes, it's Spring!

I am really busy at the moment and so my Easter decorating was a little sluggish but still I wanted to share this cute tutorial with some Dollar Store items that can be done in a day.

What you need is the following:

- Styrofoam eggs from the Dollar Store
- Mod Podge
- Ink pads. Color of your choice
- Self adhesive diamonds and pearls from the Dollar Store
- Book pages
- Paint brush for the Mod Podge application

Step 1

Ink up the book page: I just turn the stamp pad around and swirl it around the page.

Step 2

  Rip the page in several pieces: Bigger and smaller.

Step 3

Apply Mod Podge on the backside of the page (let it sit for one minute or so, so that the paper gets saturated and is easier to apply to the egg).

Step 4

Apply a longer strip onto the middle and arond  the egg to cover it as much as possible.
Apply more Mod Podge to the sides that stand up and press them down on the egg.

Step 5

Apply the smaller pieces to the top on bottom of the egg that has not been covered yet.

Step 6

Apply a thick coat of Mod Podge all over the egg and make sure that the surface is smooth (so that the book page pieces don't stand up).

Step 7

Let the egg dry

Step 8

Decorate eggs with sparkly diamonds and colored stones.


I have applied the same technique to this plastic bunny from the Dollar Store



 To finish off my Easter decor I have finally painted the birdcage I got from my friend Claudine a flat white color. 
I think it looks really nice on my Easter table...

I used PICASA for the photo editing. I really like the results! I am still working on my blogging style but I think it is getting better and better with each post. Be patient with me!

What do you have planned for Easter holidays?

Love ya lots,

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  1. Huhu Karo,

    Du hast einen Award erhalten


    Ich hoffe Du freust Dich und hast Spass beim Weitergeben!

    Liebe Gruesse


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