Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why I live in Canada!? Why DO I live in Canada?

Sometimes I do wonder why I moved to Edmonton. Especially in the winter when the temperature drops waaaaay below zero. Edmonton winters are sunny but bitterly cold. We do get a lot of snow and the winter time itself stretches from November to mid May. It is not uncommon to have snow on Halloween and still have snow on Victoria Day (mid May). I always wonder how people live in really cold places like Alaska or Greenland. Well this week we get the change to experience first hand how it feels to live on the North Pole where Santa is your neighbour.

Yup it was cold. Not only cold but with the wind it was freezing. I had an appointment at the chiropractor on Tuesday and I was wearing leggings. Was not a very smart choice. Just the quick walk from the parking lot of the place into the building made my legs go into shock and I wanted to cry for my mommy. The wind is like razors, your nose gets frozen stiff right away and god forbid you are not wearing a hat and gloves. You will be an frozen icicle within seconds.

West Edmonton Mall taken from our guest bedroom window - It was a cold morning

Despite the cold Canadians don't seem to mind it. I was told once that they throw their kids outside into the snow wearing noting but diapers. I know this must be a myth but I swear when I see young Canadian men wearing shorts and the girls at the mall wearing American Eagle mini skirts and flip flops when it hits -5, I do wonder if this is something you have to be born with or if it is a skill you could somehow acquire when you decide to settle down in Canada.

Our little west end complex

After a couple of days of staying at home I decided it was time to go for lunch with Grace. She was having cabin fever. So I dressed her in a pair of tights, lined jeans, -20 degrees winter boots, a undershirt, sweater, mittens, scarf, hat, coat and vest and we braved the cold. After a Tim Horton's ham and swiss sandwich, double double, hot chocolate and chicken noodle soup we were in heaven....

Grace dressed for -40 windchill - oh and Kelly our dog got into the picture

The weather channel is showing +3 degrees by the end of next week. That is tropical compared to today - maybe I'll bring out my flip flops!

What's the winter like where you live?


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