Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

After our donair and hawaiian pizza from Domino's, watching "Dinner for One" a German New Year's classic. We went to bed two minutes after midnight. Yup. Boring but I figured this would give us more engergy to start the new year with all the projects on my list.

My To Do list this year is long and I want to start on day one so that I really have the 365 days.

1. Starting my Dukan Diet adventure...
2. Finish all my little winter projects (birdcage restoration, Goodwill birds, bedroom decoration, Ikea chair slipcover for Gracie's room) so that I can start the bigger projects (redecorating our bedroom , redecorating Gracie's room, finishing the living room and all the new projects) in the spring and summer.
3. Start scrapbooking Gracie's pictures. She is two and I haven't even scrapbooked one picture yet.

I guess I have to make a detailed list but these are my creative/ and personal goals.

See ya...

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